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New PS5 Beta Brings Discord Voice Chat, Social Feature Improvements, And More To System

Sony is also adding variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution on the console.


A new software beta for PlayStation 5 is rolling out to select participants in six different countries. Sony said this hardware update will add fan-requested features like Discord voice chat and variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution on the system.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony mentioned beta emails are going out to people in the United States, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France. Then, once downloaded, PS5 owners can test out Discord voice chat on the system, meaning they can talk with groups on other consoles or devices.

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There are a host of updates for friends on PS5 too. For starters, Sony stated screen-sharing will be possible from a friend's profile page. As for party chats, people can now join a game with an added icon. And then for game hubs, there's a new tile showcasing your mutuals who also played the title.

Another big feature is VRR support for 1440p, which will bring about a "smoother visual performance," according to Sony. Additionally, 1440p will work with more HDMI displays after installing the PS5 beta update.

PS5's game list should be easier to manage going forward, too. Sorting and filtering your library will now be possible, such as searching specifically by PSVR 2. Sony also has attempted to address PS4-to-PS5 save data. Here's specifically how, per the company:

"When you download or install a PS4 game on your PS5 console, a notification that PS4 saved data is available in your PlayStation Network cloud storage will appear (if your PS5 console doesn't already have saved data for the game). Simply select the notification to download your saved data.

"When you download or install a PS5 game that can load PS4 saved data, such as the PS5 version of a game that was also released on PS4, the same notification will appear (if the game supports this feature)."

Sony also brought up a couple of more PS5 additions, like screen reader improvements. But the company stipulated that all features may not make it to the final system update for the public.

Last month, for instance, a report stated that PS5's big 7.00 update would include the ability to stream PS5 games. That functionality isn't listed for this beta. One of the latest PS5 updates introduced DualSense Edge support.

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