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New Pokemon Sword And Shield Switch Controllers Are Available Now

Gotta buy 'em all.


Accessory manufacturer Power A keeps churning out new Switch controller designs, and the latest trio celebrate the starters from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Available to purchase now for $45 at Target ($5 cheaper than the list price), these controllers are a great Valentine's Day gift idea for the Pokemon fan in your life.

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The controllers are themed around each starter's type. Grookey's is green, Scorbunny's is red, and Sobble's is blue, and each has a cute graphic on the left handle displaying the Pokemon. Amazon will also carry the new Pokemon controllers, but they won't be available until February 14 and are currently listed at their full $50 price.

Power A's wireless controllers are cheaper alternatives to the Pro controller and boast a similar layout and feel. The controllers are dubbed "enhanced" because they also add two programmable triggers on the back panel that can be mapped on the fly. However, it should be noted that Power A's controllers use AA batteries and don't have vibration or NFC support for Amiibos.

This isn't the first time Power A has released Pokemon-themed controllers. If you love all of the starters equally, you'll want to look at the Pokemon Sword and Shield Power A controllers that feature all three of them. Best Buy still has a blue Pokemon Sword controller and purple Pokemon Shield controller in stock for $50. A simple search for Power A Pokemon controllers yields numerous results on Amazon, including this pretty slick Pikachu graffiti controller that's currently discounted to $39.

Power A releases far more controllers than one person could possibly need, but anyone looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons will want to check out these adorable designs, too. Not interested in any of these designs? Check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch controllers.

$44.50 on Amazon
$59.99 on Walmart

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