New Pokemon Masters Update Out Now, Lets You Hatch A Starter Pokemon

Log into the Pokemon mobile game and you'll receive an egg that can hatch into one of the original three starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.


The Pokemon Company and DeNA have rolled out a big new update for Pokemon Masters on iOS and Android. The update introduces a major new gameplay feature to the Pokemon mobile game: the ability to hatch Pokemon eggs.

When players log into Pokemon Masters, they'll receive an egg from Professor Bellis. This egg will hatch into one of the original three starter Pokemon--Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle--after completing a certain number of battles. You'll be able to give a nickname to your newly hatched partner and even set it as a Sync Pair with your main character.

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These aren't the only partner Pokemon you'll be able to obtain from eggs. DeNA says that more eggs will be added to the game in future updates, and you'll similarly be able to form a Sync Pair with the Pokemon that hatch from them.

In addition to the update, DeNA has outlined some new events that are coming up soon in Pokemon Masters. First is a Legendary event called "Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings," which runs from April 29 through May 13 and introduces a new Sync Pair: Ho-Oh and Silver. You'll need to have at least completed Chapter 1 of the main story to take part in the event.

Arriving alongside the Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings event is a new Spotlight Scout Sync Pair: Wallace and Milotic. This pair will similarly be available through May 13. Finally, DeNA has implemented a Daily Scout feature that lets players try to obtain Sync Pairs and items once a day without spending any gems.

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