New Pokemon Go Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

A small new update has launched.


Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is celebrating Valentine's Day this week with a higher chance of catching certain Pokemon and earning extra Stardust. Alongside this special holiday event, Pokemon Go also received a new update.

Update 0.91.2 on Android devices and 1.61.2 on iOS was released today, announced on developer Niantic's Twitter account. It's a small update, and the iOS and Google Play stores haven't listed patch notes yet, but Niantic states that it focuses on fixing bugs.

Meanwhile, the big holiday event is happening from now until Thursday, February 15. It increases the chances of running into the Pokemon Luvdisc and Chansey, and it grants triple Stardust for each of those that you capture.

In other news, the next Pokemon Go Community Day event is coming up soon. It'll take place on February 24 and, like the first Community Day in January, players will have a chance to capture a special Dratini that knows a move normal Dratinis don't know.

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