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New Pokemon Figure Collection Stars Eevee And Its Evolutions

The nine figures combine to form one large display.


Fresh off of revealing a new wave of Pokemon Funko Pops, The Pokemon Company and Funko have announced a new figure collection dubbed "An afternoon with Eevee and Friends." The collection features Eevee and all eight of its evolutions. The adorable Eevee figure kicks things off today, February 18 exclusively at the Pokemon Center.

Eevee figure -- $15
Eevee figure -- $15

As you can tell, the figures in the Eevee collection don't have the traditional Funko look, and each $15 figure comes with a scenic display. Only the Eevee figure has been fully unveiled so far, but Funko and The Pokemon Company teased silhouettes of Eevee's evolutions in a fun back and forth on Twitter. The individual figures combine to form a large display of the entire Eevee family tree, so there's a neat incentive to collect 'em all.

An Afternoon with Eevee and Friends figure collection
An Afternoon with Eevee and Friends figure collection

Here's the full release schedule for the collection:

  • Eevee -- Available now
  • Vaporeon -- March 2020
  • Sylveon -- April 2020
  • Glaceon -- May 2020
  • Flareon -- June 2020
  • Espeon -- July 2020
  • Jolteon -- August 2020
  • Leafeon -- September 2020
  • Umbreon -- October 2020

The Pokemon Company previously collaborated with Funko on "A Day with Pikachu," a cute lineup of 12 Pikachu figurines that released over the past year. In addition to the Eevee collection, four new traditional Pokemon Funko Pops--Mewtwo, Pichu, Mr. Mime, and Vulpix--will arrive on May 2.

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