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New Pokemon App Looks Like Pokemon Rumble For iOS And Android

Alpha test available for Android devices in Japan.


The Pokemon Company has announced another iOS and Android app called Pokeland, in which players use toy versions of their favourite monsters to duke it out across multiple islands, much like Pokemon Rumble.

According to a description on the game's Japanese website, Pokeland is a game where players "collect Pokemon by exploring various islands [along with] toy Pokemon." The FAQ also states that Pokeland will not be playable offline, and that gear can be used to strengthen Pokemon.

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Pokeland will also connect to Nintendo's own account, which means you can use your Mii characters in-game. Although it's yet to be confirmed, it may be that My Nintendo rewards are also offered through the game.

An alpha test of Pokeland is current taking place in Japan on Android devices. It is not currently available for testing on iOS. The Alpha test features six islands and 52 different stages, according to the official website. Additionally there will be 134 Pokemon appearing, and players will be able to fight up to floor 15 of the Champion Tower.

Those that play the alpha test won't be able to transfer their progress across to the final game as all data will be wiped before the official game is released.

Another Pokemon mobile game, Magikarp Jump, was recent released for iOS and Android devices. Before that was Pokemon Go, which became a worldwide phenomenon and remains one of the highest-grossing apps. A new update for Pokemon Go added 80 new Pokemon and new gameplay features.

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