New Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby Trailer Shows Off Gym Leaders, Pikachu Costumes

Check out Gym Leaders, Secret Bases, Cosplay Pikachu, and a Mega Evolution in the new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS games Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, the HD remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. The short video gives a good glimpse at what you can expect from gyms and Secret Bases, and it reveals a new Mega Evolution.

Most of the video is devoted to highlighting the gyms and gym leaders you'll face when you play Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby. It looks like the gyms have been rendered faithfully, and of course they've been remade in the new 3D perspective that developer Game Freak is bringing to the games. New animations, including falling through the trap doors at the Lavaridge gym, are also displayed.

The video then displays, "Pikachu likes to cosplay?!" followed by a montage of Pikachus dressed in all sorts of costumes. A short clip of a dressed-up Pikachu in a competition is captioned by "Is this some kind of contest hall?" This is a new kind of the iconic Pokemon, called Cosplay Pikachu, which can be encountered in the world.

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Secret Bases are also returning. In the original Ruby and Sapphire, Secret Bases were customizable rooms available for trainers to display trophies and items. They are being remade in 3D with more customization options, including the ability to make traps and mazes.

Finally, the Mega Evolution for Metagross is shown off, and it looks fierce. Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby feature a number of new Mega Evolutions, the forms first included in last year's X and Y.

In June, Nintendo announced that the games will have another type of evolution, called Primal Reversion. This form is currently only known for the legendaries Groudon and Kyogre.

Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby launch on November 21. What do you think of the new look for gyms? How will you customize your Secret Base? Let us know in the comments!

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