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New Overwatch 2 Hero Lifeweaver Has Been Revealed

The next hero joining the Overwatch 2 roster will be support hero Lifeweaver.


Blizzard has officially revealed the new hero coming to Overwatch 2 in Season 4, Lifeweaver. While Blizzard hasn't revealed much about the new hero, we do know that Lifeweaver will be a support hero.

Lifeweaver's design is focused around pink Lotus flowers, and the background of the image revealing the character suggests he is from Thailand. As for how this fits into his healing abilities and his overall kit, Blizzard will likely reveal more about the new hero in the coming week. Overwatch 2 Season 4 is expected to start on April 11, shortly after Season 3 ends earlier that day.

While Blizzard has not confirmed it, Lifeweaver will likely be obtained the same way as the other new heroes in Overwatch 2. Lifeweaver will probably be included with the premium version of the Season 4 battle pass, unlocking him immediately, or as the free reward at tier 45 for everyone else. Going by past characters' rollouts, Lifeweaver will also likely be unavailable in competitive matches for the first two weeks of the season.

Overwatch 2 has started to find its groove as a live-service shooter, with three solid events during Season 3, including Valentine's Day, One Punch Man crossover event, and the PachiMari event, Season 4 is expected to continue the game's momentum. Blizzard has confirmed that more crossover events are in the works, along with an overhauled player progression system, although nothing has been confirmed for Season 4 specifically.

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