New Overlord Teased

Codemasters hints at a third Overlord game with cryptic tweet.


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The Overlord series, published by UK-studio Codemasters, could be making a comeback.

Codemasters shared the image below today on Twitter, which many are taking as a hint for a third game in the action-adventure franchise.

The Overlord series, created by Triumph Studios, debuted in 2007. A sequel, Overlord II, was released in 2009, alongside Overlord: Dark Legend for Wii and Overlord: Minions for 3DS.

Rhianna Pratchett, who wrote Overlord II, re-tweeted the Codemasters tweet today. Read into that however you'd like.

In February 2013, Triumph Studios confirmed that it had completed "extensive pre-production, engine work and playable prototypes on projects that would very much appeal to Overlord fans." However, at the time, the studio said "volatility in our industry" related to the console transition meant the project could not be taken into full-scale production...yet.

However, now that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console cycle is well underway, and both systems are selling generally well, it appears the time could be right for Overlord to return.

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