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New Mortal Kombat Movie Still in Development, But Taking Its Time

"The key here is to try and do it right," producer James Wan says.


Development on a new Mortal Kombat movie continues, but producer James Wan is in no hurry to rush it out the door at the expense of quality.

Wan, who directed Furious 7, Saw, and The Conjuring, spoke with IGN about the film, which he joined last year. "It's still cooking away. With that particular project, that's a really cool property that I loved growing up as a kid. Besides the game, even the movies as well, I kind of enjoyed them for what they are," he said, echoing the quiet sentiment of just about everyone (don't deny it).

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He also spoke about taking the necessary time to make something good, saying, "The key here is to try and do it right. I don't want to rush into it. So right now, we're just trying to take our time to make sure it's heading in the right direction. I think that's more important than trying to rush through it and pump up something that no one likes."

This is, of course, what everyone claims in this situation, but the fact that it isn't being rushed out the door is a somewhat positive sign.

Wan also spoke about what drew him to Mortal Kombat, saying he loves the "colorful characters" and the fact it's "that fantasy version, the video game version, of Enter the Dragon."

There has been very little revealed about the new movie. It's being written in part by Oren Uziel, who also wrote the excellent Mortal Kombat: Legacy shorts that were released several years ago. Legacy producer Lance Sloane announced a new movie at Comic-Con 2013 and indicated they were trying to line up its release with that of a new game.

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