New mode for FFX-2: International + Last Mission

Japanese version of FFX-2 will let players trap, tame, and fight monsters.


TOKYO--According to the latest issue of the weekly Jump magazine, Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission will include a new monster-taming mode where enemies can be captured and grown.

According to the magazine, the player can use items named "pods" as traps for capturing enemies via the flight map screen from the party's flying vessel. A captured enemy can fight as a party member during the game's battles, and there is also a mode where the player's tamed monsters can fight against other monsters in a number of different tournaments.

Each of the tamed monsters will have its own background settings. As it grows stronger, the player can learn more about its story, such as how it became a monster or what it used to be. The monsters can be freed after leveling up to their final stages, but no details have been revealed as to what happens once the monsters are released.

Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission is scheduled for release this winter in Japan. Its price has yet to be determined.

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