New media: Nightcaster

See new screenshots from Nightcaster for the Microsoft Xbox.



VR-1 has released a handful of new screenshots from Nightcaster for the Microsoft Xbox. This second-party Xbox game lets players assume the role of a wizard named Aaran as they travel through large environments in a third-person perspective. The game uses a unique control scheme, where the left analog stick on the Xbox controller is used to move the character and the right analog freely controls a magic orb that can be used cast more than 40 different spells. One of the other interesting features in the game is that the world itself will change depending on the player's actions. As the player encounters friendly NPCs and embarks on and completes various quests, the environments in Nightcaster will change permanently.

Nightcaster is currently scheduled for release alongside the North American launch of the Xbox. VR-1, which is owned by Pacific Century Cyber Works, has developed such games as Fighter Ace 2 and is currently working on a massively multiplayer online RPG for the PC platform.

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