New media: Madden NFL 2002 PS2

See new movies and screenshots from Madden NFL 2002 for the PlayStation 2, while you wait for its August release.


Madden NFL 2002

GameSpot received the final build of Madden NFL 2002 for the Sony PlayStation 2 today and we bring you a ton of new media from the game. The game includes several improvements over last year's version, most notably in the graphics department. The players in Madden NFL 2002 look more realistic when compared to last year's game--new body and facial textures have been implemented in the game. EA has done away with generally pudgy player models and gotten rid of the blank-stares exhibited by the player's in last year's game. New animations, including smoother transition animations, have also been added to the game.

On the gameplay front, the passing AI has been tweaked. Playing defense in the secondary is more intuitive, as EA has balanced out the overpowering passing game from last year's version. Several gameplay modes that appeared in the PlayStation version of last year's game, but didn't make it into the PS2 version, have been added to Madden NFL 2002. Modes such as create-a-team and practice are now available.

Madden NFL 2002 will be released for the PlayStation 2 on August 21. We will have more in the coming weeks.

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