New media: Gran Turismo 3

We have received fifty-eight new screenshots of Sony's flagship racer, which will hit the PS2 next year.


The new screenshots GameSpot received today show new car models such as the Audi, the BMW, and the RUF, which is a manufacturer providing the design for the Porsche. Gran Turismo 3 will ship alongside a force feedback steering wheel, which was developed using Immersion's TouchSense technology. The steering wheel controller will connect to the PlayStation 2 through one of the USB ports. The steering wheel and the pedal components will both have analog functionality.

According to Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital, "The Force Feedback steering wheel allows the player to physically feel the car's handling and the road surface while driving. This brings GT3 much closer to being the ideal driving simulator we have dreamed of since the very first GT game."

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