New media: Batman: Dark Tomorrow GameCube

View the latest screenshots from the GameCube version of Kemco's comic-book-based Batman game.


Kemco has released new screenshots from the GameCube version of Batman: Dark Tomorrow. The game is based on the comic book series from DC comics, and the scenario for the game has been written by Batman writer Scott Peterson and Kenji Terada of Final Fantasy I, II, and III fame. In the game, Batman is charged with the duty of stopping a gang war and rescuing Commissioner Gordon. The list of recognizable enemies includes Black Mask, Scarface, the Ventriloquist, Killer Croc, The Joker, Poison Ivy, and Mr. Freeze.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow plays similarly to survival horror games in that pushing up on the analog stick causes Batman to run, while holding left or right will cause him to pivot. Batman has a wealth of melee attacks at his disposal, as well as a number of his famous gadgets. He may also handcuff enemies once they've been knocked to the ground.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow is currently scheduled for simultaneous release in the fall on the GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. But for now, enjoy these new shots of the GameCube version.

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