New media: Barbarian

Titus has released new info and screenshots of Barbarian, its slash-'em-up for the Game Boy Advance.


Titus has released new screenshots of Barbarian for the GBA, along with a couple of new bits of information about the gameplay. While also released for the PlayStation 2, the handheld version will feature six game modes, including training, multiplayer, survival, extreme survival, time attack, and quest. The multiplayer component supports a two-player link cable option. Barbarian features eight different characters, each with his own moves, weapons, and characteristics, as well as a total of eight arenas. For people who still remember the 8-bit original, Barbarian still includes the decapitation move, which for the GBA version has actually been implemented as a cheat code.

Titus will release Barbarian in the US and Europe this October.

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