New Impressions: Namco's Mr. Driller

We deliver some new media and impressions of Namco's puzzle game for the PlayStation, Mr. Driller.


Namco's Mr. Driller could be described as a puzzle game in reverse. Instead of dropping colored blocks into a pit, you, as Mr. Driller, start at the top of a huge pit filled with colored blocks. You must drill down into the blocks, falling deeper and deeper into the colorful depths of the earth. The object is to get as deep as you can without getting crushed by falling blocks or running out of air. The levels are filled with tiny air power-ups, which keep you from suffocating under a mountain of blocks. The blocks will disappear when a certain number of similarly tinted blocks connect, netting you points and setting up numerous combo possibilities, but more importantly, the fewer blocks you have above you, the less chance there is of getting crushed. Other modes include a time-attack mode, which times how long it takes you to reach a preset depth.

The game is easy to pick up, and it makes for a reasonably fun and fresh take on the old standard puzzle formulas. Check out this batch of screens, and look for more Mr. Driller information soon.

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