New Horizon: Zero Dawn Footage Recalls Shadow of the Colossus



In an effort to show off the 4K and HDR capabilities of the newly announced PlayStation 4 Pro during its press conference earlier today, Sony debuted some new footage of Guerrilla Games' upcoming third-person shooter, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Though the demo was brief, it encapsulated much of what's made the project seem so promising thus far, including its uncanny yet alluring juxtaposition of natural environments and robotic enemies.

The scene opened on a majestic vista overlooking a lush jungle that was decidedly more tropical than settings we've seen in previous demos, which mostly seemed to be set in coniferous areas. After panning the camera across the basin below, protagonist Aloy--armed with her trademark bow--stepped carefully around the edge of a cliff before sliding confidently down a zipline.

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After stealthily subduing a smaller quadruped robot, Aloy snuck up behind and began scaling a massive, brontosaurus-like robot, leaping between narrow platforms protruding from its body. Upon reaching its flat skull, Aloy appeared to hijack the creature by rewiring some of its essential circuits. After that, she swiftly swung back to ground level and watched as her new pet wandered into the distance.

While we didn't get another taste of the combat, the verticality and mobility on display add another exciting dimension to Horizon's gameplay, which should look pretty damn slick in 4K. With any luck, we'll see even more before the game launches next February.

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