New Ghost Of Tsushima Funko Pop, Action Figure, And More Merch Revealed

To celebrate Ghost of Tsushima's release, PlayStation has revealed new merch, including a rather cool Funko Pop.


Ghost of Tsushima, the last major PS4 exclusive, is finally out. If you've been playing all weekend and are enjoying the game, you should check out the new lineup of Ghost of Tsushima merchandise, including a Funko Pop of protagonist Jin Sakai, an action figure, and a seriously impressive statue.

In addition to the new products revealed below, don't forget PlayStation Gear has a number of Ghost of Tsushima apparel options, including hoodies, T-shirts, and a sling bag. You can also still pre-order The Art of Ghost of Tsushima, a hardcover coffee table book published by Dark Horse. It's currently on sale for $41.49 (normally $50) at Amazon ahead of its September 1 release.

The open-world samurai game earned a 7/10 in GameSpot's Ghost of Tsushima review, with critic Edmond Tran praising the combat and beautiful open world while lamenting the familiar-feeling quest structure.

Jin Sakai Funko Pop | $12

Jin Sakai Funko Pop
Jin Sakai Funko Pop

Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist Jin Sakai has, of course, been turned into a Funko Pop. While the Pop figure form makes him a tad less imposing, it's still a good look for Jin. Plus, GameStop has an exclusive "Jin Sakai with Blood" variant that, yes, adds some blood to the edge of his sword and across his face. Both versions release August 10 and are available to pre-order now.

Jin Sakai Figma action figure

Jin Sakai Figma
Jin Sakai Figma

Good Smile Company and Max Factory are also turning Jin Sakai into a high-end Figma action figure. The figure has full articulation, swappable heads, and a number of weapon accessories. PlayStation only shared concept images, but more details will be revealed later this year.

Jin Sakai statue

Prime 1 Studio Ghost of Tsushima statue
Prime 1 Studio Ghost of Tsushima statue

Prime 1 Studio makes some of the coolest pop culture statues, so if you want the highest quality Jin Sakai collectible, you might want to keep tabs on this one. It's a 1:4 scale statue that promises to stay true to the character. The early concept art looks stunning, so we're anxious to see the final product.

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