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New Far Cry 5 Gameplay Contains A Killer Bear Named Cheeseburger And What Even Are Video Games Anymore

Boomer isn't the only animal companion in Far Cry 5.


Over the years, Far Cry has evolved from a punishing battle for survival into a playground of explosions, huge guns, and over-the-top villains. With Far Cry 5, that pattern appears to continue: we've already seen Boomer the dog and other outrageous characters, and now an even more ridiculous sidekick has been revealed.

Cheeseburger is the name of a grizzly bear who you can hire to go around and kill enemies for you. He's incredibly powerful, capable of killing bad guys with ease, and unlike other guns for hire he's also able to take quite a beating himself. Take a look at some footage of Cheeseburger in action above.

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Now Playing: Meet Cheeseburger, Far Cry 5's Diabetic Murder Bear Gun For Hire

Far Cry 5's silliness will continue in its DLC, which contains add-on packs that will see you face zombies and Martian arachnids. It's not long now until the game launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC--after a delay, its release date was confirmed as March 27.

Ubisoft recently revealed Far Cry 5's PC specs, detailing the minimum and recommended requirements, as well as what hardware you'll need to run the game at 4K. You can also grab the game for free right now if you buy one of a range of AMD graphics cards.

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