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New Fallout Featurette Sets The Tone For Prime Video's Series

The showrunners and cast of Prime Video's Fallout offer a closer look at the upcoming video game adaptation.

It took nearly three decades to happen, but the Fallout video game franchise is finally getting a live-action TV series on Prime Video later this month. To set the stage for newcomers, Prime Video has released a new Fallout featurette with series executive producers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, and cast members Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, and Walton Goggins. And it's Goggins who has perhaps the most succinct description of the show's tone to date: "There's a tone reminiscent of The Good the Bad and the Ugly meets Doctor Strange Love meets Star Wars."

Goggins plays The Ghoul, one of the show's three main characters. But most of the focus falls on Purnell's character, Lucy MacLean, a young woman who has lived in Vault 33 for most of her life. She's naïve and relatively innocent at the beginning of the series. But Lucy is in for a rude awakening as soon as she steps out of the vault and into the wasteland. The rest of the world doesn't play by Lucy's rules or share her morality, so she'll have to adapt or die.

The video also makes it clear that Morton's Maximus is the third main character on the show. Unlike Lucy, Maximus has lived in the wasteland his entire life before becoming a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel. A clip from Lucy and Maximus' first meeting is in the video, which suggests that they will initially be on friendly terms. Whether they're able to maintain that friendship remains to be seen.

All eight episodes of Fallout will premiere on Prime Video on April 11.

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