New Duke Nukem game teased for PlayStation and PC

Decrypted wall of text says Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction will be an action RPG.

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A new Duke Nukem action roleplaying game is being teased by Interceptor Entertainment, with canny fans deciphering text to reveal Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction for PC and PlayStation.

Interceptor Entertainment originally asked for 10,000 Facebook likes to translate a chunk of text for fans, but the message was cracked ahead of time: "The king makes his next generation debut in Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. A top-down action role-playing game for PC and PlayStation."

A new teaser site,, currently shows a countdown clock to February 25. The site is accompanied by artwork for Kick-Ass Gum; a reference to one of Duke Nukem 3D's most popular lines.

The text also suggests that the upcoming game won't be a first-person shooter. "Duke Nukem kicks ass across planets in an Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to save the President from an apocalyptic alien threat," continues the decrypted text. "All-new enemies, a never before seen arsenal of devastating weaponry, and series-first mechanics; including experience points and tech trees, will let Duke rip 'em a new one in a way he never has before."

Interceptor Entertainment previously ported Duke Nukem's two side-scrolling games to iOS, and was reported last year to be working with Duke Nukem creator Scott Miller.

The studio had once hoped to remake the original Duke Nukem 3D, although this project was scrapped.

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