New Dreamcast Soul Calibur Modes

GameSpot News uncovers new details on modes and intros for the Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur.


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Sources close to Namco in Japan have revealed new details of the features gamers can expect in the upcoming Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur. They have indicated that the game will sport a mission mode, which allows players to clear each stage in a map and gain points that unlock several Computer Graphics (CG) stills of the game. Soul Calibur will also feature a museum mode, which allows players to view different topics on the game, such as background stories. Another mode that has been revealed is the Internet mode, which allows owners of the game access to a special Soul Calibur web site and more.

Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast won't have an opening CG movie like past Namco games such as Tekken and Soul Blade - instead it will feature animation sequences.

Softbank's Japanese Dreamcast magazine will feature a demo of Soul Calibur in its July 9 issue. The game officially releases on August 15.

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