New DnD Book Has Everything You Need To Know About Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons new book Fizban's Treasury of Dragons arrives this October.


Kicking off D&D Live is a newly-announced Dungeons & Dragons book called Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. Of course, the narrator of the book is none other than Fizban himself, who is a dragon walking around in human form.

Hitting stores on October 19, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons expands on the legendary beasts, giving players new dragon-themed options. The book will introduce gem dragons to 5e for the first time, adding new player character options. There are new race options for dragonborns, focusing on promatic, metallic, or gem heritages. Additionally, the book will be a big help to DMs who are looking to craft a campaign which is steeped in dragon lore.

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There will be a main cover, featuring art by Chris Rahn, and alternative cover, featuring art by Anato Finnstark. Additionally, you can see some art from the book above which includes gem dragonborns by Zoltan Boros, a metallic great wyrm by Crystal Sully, and a turtle great wyrm by David Auden Nash.

"There's a definite focus in this book on stuff that you can use at the table right away," explained D&D TRPG Studio executive producer Ray Winninger during a press conference. "Everything from dragon lair maps to, tons of new dragon stat blocks and non-dragon stat blocks, and various dragon-related monsters show up. We tried to take a ‘show, don't tell’ approach to talking about dragons, so rather than talking to you for a while about the personalities of brass dragons, we give you a table of personality traits you can randomly roll on or choose from as you're creating a brass dragon in a way that gives each dragon, a flavor quirk. There's also a lot of player facing content, but really that focus of giving you stuff, you can use right away, is what I would stress."

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons features a large bestiary which features 20 different kinds of dragons, along with dragon-related creatures. This will be about a third of the book.

New subclasses include The Way of the Ascendant Dragon for the monk and the Drake Warden for the ranger. Further details about these subclasses were not revealed during the conference.

Stay tuned for more D&D news throughout the weekend and D&D Live reveals more info about upcoming books and events.

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