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New Digimon Game Coming This Year; Already Open For Pre-Registration

Embrace your digidestiny.


Bandai Namco has released the first trailer for Digimon ReArise and also announced the game will launch outside Japan. Pre-registration is already open if you want to sign up and be one of the first Digidestined to play.

In story mode, Digimon ReArise has a Pusurimon spawn inside your smartphone. After conversing with the digital monster, the two of you become friends. Your peaceful days are interrupted though when the monstrous Spirals attack. Pusurimon comes to your aid, emerging from your phone and digivolving into Herissmon. Herissmon becomes your Digimon partner, and the two of you go on a journey together to stop the threat posed by the Spirals.

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On your quest, you meet and befriend tamer Michi Shinjo and her partner Salamon, tamer Keito Tamada and his partner Elecmon, tamer Mayu Kohinata and her partner Kudamon, and tamer Takumi Hiiragi and his partner Dorumon. You also run into an Agumon, whose tamer's identity is a mystery (we're guessing it's Taichi/Tai given the focus on the character for Digimon Adventure's 20th anniversary).

Digimon ReArise has other things to do outside of the story though. You're able to connect with other players for tamer-versus-tamer battles that support up to five-on-five fights. Battles occur in real time, forcing you to balance your cooldown timers--much like the upcoming Pokemon Masters. Outside of battle, you can raise different Digimon and send them to DigiTown, an enclosed space you can decorate as you see fit and where your digital companions can befriend each other, be fed, and have fun. They can also be sent to a gym to train and become more powerful. Once one of your Digimon's stats are high enough and their bond with you strong enough, they'll be able to digivolve and pull off more powerful attacks.

Digimon ReArise is scheduled to officially release for iOS and Android mobile devices in 2019. You're given prizes for pre-registering, including a digiegg that hatches into Pumpkinmon--one of the Digimon in the game that's been given a brand-new mega evolution.

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