New Details on ToeJam and Earl 3

We bring you new information on the next installment in the ToeJam and Earl series, currently in the works for the Dreamcast.


ToeJam & Earl Productions' co-owner Greg Johnson has divulged new details on the third installment in the ToeJam & Earl series, ToeJam & Earl, & Latisha (its tentative name). Sega published the previous two games for the Genesis system, and apparently he has received a multitude of requests that the third title appear on the Dreamcast. "We get the message, and we'll do our best to accommodate," said Johnson. "We've been pretty impressed with Sega's new machine, too." He went on to say that while TJ&E have made a lot of progress, we "still don't have a final deal with a publisher, much less a release date." Johnson also added, "That puts us pretty much in the early stages." As for what we can expect from the third ToeJam & Earl game, Johnson commented, "It will be 3D, of course, and we'll be introducing two new characters, Latisha and Neon. Latisha is a friend of ToeJam and Earl's from Funkotron, and she is so hip that she gives even our funkadelic duo a run for their money. Neon is a little robot dog who lights up when he's happy. He's sort of cute, but he's also a somewhat annoying companion and helper. Sometimes he'll harass earthlings or bring you presents (that's good), but he's just as likely to grab a nearby present and run away from you with it in his mouth."

In terms of gameplay, Johnson revealed that, "The new game is based much more on the original TJ&E than on the sequel, but it is seriously updated with a huge collection of new presents. Also, ToeJam, Earl, and Latisha will have a new set of persistent abilities (which don't require presents to activate them). As in the first two games, game III will be for one or two players, but we're also planning on supporting multiplayer and Internet play, with all three characters playing in different locations. When you're playing with two players together, the screen will split just as before, and you'll be able to dance together, ride on each others shoulders shooting a tomato cannon... give each other a massage (ToeJam & Earl don't find this embarrassing, but all things being equal, they'd prefer to be giving Latisha a massage than each other)... make sushi in a hurry... zap people with bad '70s hairdo's... do Funk Fu on Earthlings...and all kinds of cool new stuff in addition to the best of the old stuff."

ToeJam & Earl, & Latisha sounds as though it could turn out to be the wackiest TJ & E game yet, and we can't wait to hear more. Thankfully, Johnson has promised that more details will soon become available.

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