New Destruction AllStars PS5 Trailer Introduces Playable Characters

Lucid Games' competitive vehicular combat game launches this February for PlayStation 5.


Developer Lucid Games has dropped a brand-new trailer for the PlayStation 5 exclusive, Destruction AllStars, that introduces the vehicular combat game's 16 playable characters.

The trailer, which says the captured gameplay footage was running on a PlayStation 5, showcases the varying character designs for the game's 16 selectable heroes. There's a luchador who drives a weird-looking armadillo-like car built for head-on collisions, some person wearing a box (whose drawn-on face looks like Jonny 2x4's Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy) on their head, an e-girl with a digital-emoting helmet like Borderland's cyborg ninja Zero, and various other characters of color. Destruction AllStars' cast is quite diverse.

Interspersed between the brief character introductions are even briefer moments of their gameplay. After each individual and their name is revealed, there's a short montage of them in action, showcasing some of their car and character abilities. Check out the video above.

Originally planned to launch in November 2020, Destruction AllStars hits PlayStation 5 this February as a PS Plus title, though an exact date hasn't been revealed. A PS Plus membership is required to play online, but those who have active subscriptions can download it for free.

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