New Destiny 2 Weapons From Next Faction Rally Revealed, See Them Here

Another selection of Faction Rally rewards arrives soon.

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Destiny 2

Bungie is preparing to launch the next Season 2 instance of Faction Rally in Destiny 2, and it's right around the corner. Along with an opportunity to earn the armor and other items offered during previous Faction Rallies, this one will also introduce a number of new weapons to obtain.

In its latest blog post, Bungie showcased the weapons coming soon. Some of these are brand-new additions to the pool of possible rewards for taking part in the event. Others you may recognize from January's Faction Rally--the exclusive auto rifles that would only be available if their corresponding Faction won the event will now be obtainable as standard Faction Rally rewards. This will mark the first time that two of these (those belonging to Future War Cult and Dead Orbit) will be available to players; New Monarchy won last month's event, so only its Winner's Offering weapon went up for sale.

This Faction Rally will operate similarly: members of the three Factions will all compete to acquire the most rewards packages during the week-long event. A new weapon belonging to that faction will then be sold to all players for 50,000 Glimmer, though members of the faction will get it for just 1,000. Both Dead Orbit and New Monarchy will offer a pulse rifle, while Future War Cult will have a scout rifle. You can see all of these, along with the other new reward weapons and the returning armor, in the gallery below.

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Destiny 2's next Faction Rally begins with the weekly reset on February 20. It will run for one week, as always, and be followed by Victory Week, during which time you can cash in any remaining Faction Tokens and buy the Winner's Offering. You may want to save your Tokens, however, as not all of the new Season 2 Faction Rally items will have been introduced--more are still to come in the subsequent event. Following some confusion about how new items would be rolled out, Bungie clarified last month that not all Faction Rally weapons would be available right away.

This will be the first Faction Rally to take place since the most recent update, which made tweaks to how Lost Sectors work. You can now rapidly farm them, letting you open a new chest each time you kill a boss without the throttling that was previously happening. This update launched as part of the ongoing Crimson Days event, which itself offers exclusive new Crimson Days rewards. Alongside all of this, Bungie has also previewed some of the changes coming to Destiny 2's Exotic weapons and armor.

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