New Beauty and the Beast Live-Action Movie Poster and Teaser Arrive

Hear Emma Watson sing "Belle" in new trailer.


[UPDATE] The new Beauty and the Beast teaser has now arrived; watch it below.

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A new poster for Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast movie has been released, while more footage of the film will debut tonight during the Golden Globes.

The poster shows basically all of the stars from Beauty and the Beast, with Belle (Emma Watson) and Beast (Dan Stevens) front and center. Check out the poster below.

As announced in the Twitter post, more footage of Beauty and the Beast will air tonight during the Golden Globes. The Jimmy Fallon-hosted show will air on NBC tonight.

Beauty and the Beast is directed by Bill Condon, who was behind the camera for the final two Twilight movies, as well as the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls. Disney has described the film as a "re-telling" of the 1991 animated favorite, tailored for a "contemporary audience." It will stay true to the original music, while adding some new tunes as well. You can listen to Watson sing the song "Something There" right here.

Luke Evans plays Gaston, alongside Josh Gad as LeFou. Kevin Kline plays plays Bell's father, Maurice, while the characters Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), Cogsworth (Ian McKellan), and Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson) are also of course in the movie.

Beauty and the Beast is released on March 17, 2017. You can watch two new teasers here.

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