New B-17 Flying Fortress 2 Screens

Hasbro unveils more screenshots as it prepares to show B-17 Flying Fortress 2 at E3.


Today, GameSpot received another batch of screenshots from Hasbro of its upcoming World War II flight sim, B-17 Flying Fortress 2. Although the theater is the same, the game is significantly enhanced, with a new engine and a wealth of gameplay options.

This game lets you assume multiple positions aboard the bomber. You can be the pilot, navigator, gunner, bomber, or a number of other roles, and switch between them during missions.

B-17 Flying Fortress takes place over the skies of Europe and lets you fly as an Allied interceptor or a Luftwaffe pilot, in addition to the ten positions on the B-17 bomber.

Look for more information when we see the game at this year's E3.

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