New Animal Crossing Seasonal Items Now Available

Nook Shopping has a handful of new seasonal items in stock for a limited time.


A few new seasonal items are now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In celebration of China's Dragon Boat Festival and Korea's Dano Festival, you can now purchase festival zongzi and surichwi tteok from Nook Shopping. Both items are on sale through June 14 and cost 1,000 bells apiece.

To order the new seasonal items, you'll first need to access Nook Shopping from either your NookPhone or the Nook Stop terminal in your island's Resident Services building. After that, open the Special Goods menu at the top, then flip over to the Seasonal tab.

A few other seasonal items are available to order this month, as well. To commemorate wedding season, wedding items such as a nuptial bell and doorplate are available in Nook Shopping all June, as are a handful of Father's Day items. The handmade crown and cape for International Children's Day are also back until June 15. You can see the full list of seasonal items and how much they cost below.

  • Handmade crown -- 300 bells
  • Handmade cape -- 500 bells
  • Thank-you Dad mug -- 600 bells
  • Thank-you Dad apron -- 1,100 bells
  • Nuptial bell -- 4,500 bells
  • Nuptial ring pillow -- 2,200 bells
  • Nuptial doorplate -- 1,400 bells
  • Flower-petal basket -- 1,200 bells

As part of wedding season, Reese and Cyrus are once again visiting Harv's Island. All month long, you can help the alpacas celebrate their anniversary by taking photos. You can find some new wedding clothing and accessories at the Able Sisters' shop this month, as well.

On top of that, summer shells have also begun appearing again for players with Northern Hemisphere islands. Until August, you'll be able to find the special blue shells washed up on your beach and use them to craft summer DIY items. If you weren't able to collect all of those recipes last year, they'll be appearing again in balloons throughout the summer.

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