New Amazon Service Delivers Packages Into Your Home

If you want to give Amazon access to your house, that is.


In its constant quest to make online shopping as absurdly convenient as possible, Amazon has announced a new service: deliveries that are dropped off inside your home.

That's right, Amazon's new initiative, called Amazon Key, aims to change even the final moment of a package delivery, when a courier drops a box off on your stoop or doorstep. There is a catch, however: you'll need to have an Amazon Cloud Cam, the company's new security camera that it recently revealed, and a smart lock installed on your front door.

If activated, a courier bearing your delivery can unlock your door with an app, slide the box into your house, and then close and re-lock the door. Although this will certainly spark privacy concerns, Amazon promises that it has trained its drivers to avoid actually entering homes. Customers will also be notified throughout deliveries, and they can check on their house using their Cloud Cam feed.

If you want to get started, you'll need to shell out a good chunk of change, however: a bundle including camera and smart lock costs $250. It's available for preorder now. When Amazon Key launches on November 8, it'll be available in 37 cities, which you can see here. You'll also need a Prime subscription ($100/year) to use Key.

Although Amazon Key seems on some levels to be dystopian--after all, you're letting strangers unlock your house--it will help solve both the issue of delayed deliveries due to the customer not being home, and the more serious problem of package theft. You can read more about the service over at Amazon's website.

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