Netflix's Resident Evil Movie Brings Back Resident Evil 2 Remake Voice Cast

Netflix announces the main voice cast for its upcoming series and releases a new piece of key art.


Netflix has released new key art for its Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness CG anime series and announced more details on the voice cast. It includes a few familiar names you may remember from the 2019 Resident Evil 2 game remake.

Nick Apostolides, who voiced Leon Kennedy in the RE2 Remake, is coming back to voice the character again, while Stephanie Panisello is also back as Claire Redfield.

As for the new teaser art, it shows Kennedy in a suit, wielding a pistol a looking very serious. Claire, meanwhile, is brandishing a flashlight as she peers into the distance. In the foreground, we see zombies shambling toward the White House, so you know things are going badly.

The story for Infinite Darkness takes place in 2006 when Kennedy is invited to the White House to investigate claims that someone has accessed "secret presidential files." All hell breaks loose and Kennedy finds himself in a fight against the undead at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. At the same time, Claire is working a humanitarian job that leads to visit the White House to ask for money to build a welfare facility. Unfortunately for Claire, things only get worse for Claire.

Infinite Darkness will be shown off during Netflix's AnimeJapan event later this year.

A release dates for Infinite Darkness has not been announced yet.

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