Netflix's Daredevil Season 3 Borrows From Mass Effect 3 With A Musical Easter Egg

Daredevil needs some sad piano music, and Mass Effect 3 has some of the best.


The newly released Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix has an unexpected tie to another story about a grizzled vigilante with a five o'clock shadow battling the forces of evil, while possibly grappling with his own dark side: Mass Effect 3. Fans noticed that a Netflix recap for the Daredevil story so far slips in what could be considered a Mass Effect Easter egg--one that instantly transports fans of the game back to that moment when the Reapers came close to wiping out Earth.

That Easter egg is "Leaving Earth," by composer Clint Mansell, from the early portion of Mass Effect 3. The song is a master class in the "sad piano music" category of songs from video game soundtracks. In the game, it plays as the Reapers arrive for their invasion of Earth, and the player character, Commander Shepard, is forced to evacuate. The plan to stop the threat requires Shepard to help the rest of the galaxy, but that forces the painful moment of leaving everyone still stuck on Earth to fend for themselves against giant killer robots. A kid gets blown up. It's sad.

Redditor Sons-of-N7 pointed out that a portion the song appears in Netflix's recap for Daredevil Season 2, which is pretty fitting--it's a very "dark night of the soul" kind of song, and that was a very "dark night of the soul" season of Daredevil. Although to be fair, all the Daredevil seasons are like that.

If you're somehow unable to remember the very best track in the entirety of Mass Effect 3, here's a refresher. You might have heard it in other movies, TV shows, or commercials, as it gets licensed for other works fairly regularly.

The song even popped up in a Key and Peele sketch to punctuate a hilariously sad punchline (it's right at the end).

Mass Effect 3 isn't the only video game whose music popped up in Daredevil. Another Redditor, ShieldRune5847, pointed out that a track from the recently released Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 made it into the second episode of Daredevil Season 3. Turns out, Daredevil's composer, John Paesano, is pretty good at this Marvel thing--he also composed the music for Spider-Man.

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