Neocron shipping

CDV's cyberpunk online RPG is now available.



CDV has announced that Neocron, an online RPG set in a postapocalyptic city, is now shipping nationwide.

"CDV's first massively multiplayer online game, Neocron combines the rich story of a role-playing game with the aggressive action of a first-person shooter," said Robert Pickens, CEO of CDV USA. "Your actions in Neocron are limitless--wreak havoc in the outlying wastelands, craft fine weaponry within the safety of the city, or play intrigue within the many factions vying for power. The choice is yours."

At $9.95 per month, Neocron charges a somewhat lower monthly subscription rate than other major online RPGs. Players can play for four weeks free of charge, and those who sign up before February get two additional weeks free. For more details, check out our previous coverage of Neocron.

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