Neo Lands on Dreamcast

Crave's quirky platformer arrives early for Dreamcast owners.


Developed by Genki and published by Crave Entertainment, Super Magnetic Neo for the Sega Dreamcast has arrived on store shelves ahead of its expected third quarter release date. As Neo, players fight to restore Pao Pao Park, a family amusement center that was overrun by the evil Pinki and her minions. By shifting the polarity of Neo's magnetic head, players can push and pull enemies and objects to strategically reposition them. The game features four worlds, each of which contains five levels. Neo encounters foes like giant potted flowers, animated snowmen, and mummy-like spheres throughout the game's levels. Players can even redecorate Neo's apartment after the stages are over. Crave has promised beautiful and imaginative game environments that take full advantage of the Dreamcast's technology.

Alex Skillman, a PR representative for Crave Entertainment, told GameSpot that though Super Magnetic Neo will certainly appeal to younger audiences, "it's intended for 18 to 24 year-olds [and] will reward older players" who have advanced gaming skills.

Super Magnetic Neo carries a suggested retail price of US$39.95.

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