NCAA Football 07 detailed?

Curriculum of EA's college football game posted on retailer's site; features include new momentum system, emphasis on...GPA??


In what has to be one of the least surprising moves in gaming history, Electronic Arts is apparently rolling out another edition of NCAA Football. Months ago, online retailers began posting product pages for NCAA Football 07, the sequel to the very successful NCAA Football 06. While fans of undergrad football bet their tuition on a new edition, they didn't really have an idea of what would be in it--until recently.

A game description has been posted on for the PlayStation 2 edition ( has listings for Xbox 360 and Xbox versions), throwing out some tidbits of info on new features. If the product page is to be believed, 07 will have an emphasis on making big plays that will be able to "turn the tide," courtesy of the new momentum system.

Preseason will have the spring game, which helps evaluate incoming freshmen, and spring drills, a set of stat-boosting minigames akin to Madden NFL's minicamp mode. EA's deal with sports network ESPN will also make its debut in the series, with "real-time updates from ESPN Radio," as well as dynasty mode info through

Good news for NCAA Football fans who always wondered how their players were doing on their Communications midterm. NCAA Football 07 will also have a back-to-school mode, where characters live the life of a student athlete by studying, playing some pigskin, and attending social events--unlike some real-life college programs. Manage the character's time right, and he'll excel on the field as well as in the classroom.

EA has not yet officially announced NCAA Football 2007. Requests for comment went unanswered as of press time.

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