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ChartSpot: July 2005

NCAA Football 06 tackles the console competition as Battlefield 2 stays on the PC-chart point. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is first PSP game to crack top 10.


July saw urban crime yielded to university athletics on NPD Funworld's console-game charts, with June's top game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Xbox, knocked off by the PlayStation 2 version of NCAA Football 06. The move was expected, given the popularity of Electronic Arts' now-exclusive university-gridiron franchise, the Xbox version of which finished second. The seventh-place Xbox San Andreas will likely fall further when NPD's August figures are released, having been pulled from most store shelves in late July after being retroactively rated Adults Only.

Meanwhile, Xbox owners looking for action of a nonfelonious kind scooped up the Halo 2 Multiplayer Pack in droves, making it July's third best-selling game. The top 10 saw two other new entrants for full-sized consoles: Fantastic 4 for the PlayStation 2 (5th) and 2004's Star Wars: Battlefront for the PS2 (10th), the latter of which which saw resurgent sales due do a new budget price.

However, it was the handheld race that had some of July's interesting developments. The month saw the two highest-ranked debuts of PSP games since the platform launched in late March. The portable version of Rockstar Games' Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition ranked 9th in overall sales, the best debut ever for a PSP game and the first to break the top 10. While still below Pokemon Emerald, which only dropped two places from second to fourth, Midnight Club 3's strong showing was indicative of the PSP's growing user base. It was also better than any DS debut since that platform, which has still sold millions more units than the PSP, launched in November 2004. But that may change in the wake of Nintendogs' August 22 release...

In at number 11 was Coded Arms, which overcame middling-to-poor reviews to score the second-highest PSP debut yet. Its popularity is likely due to the fact that is the only first-person shooter for the format released so far, which augurs well for future PSP action games such as Star Wars: Battlefront II, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Over on the PC charts it was much the same story in July as it was in June. Battlefield 2 held its position at number one, keeping former chart-conquerors World of Warcraft (2nd) and Guild Wars (3rd) at bay. It will also come as no surprise that a slew of Sims games were among the PC best-sellers, including The Sims 2 University (4th), The Sims 2 (5th), The Sims Deluxe (8th), and The Sims: Unleashed (9th). In fact, the only new entrant in the PC top 10 was the expansion pack Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!, which was released in late June.

RankLast MonthTitlePlatformPublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**NCAA Football 06PS2Electronic ArtsJul-05$49
2**NCAA Football 06XboxElectronic ArtsJul-05$50
3**Halo 2 Multiplayer Map PackXboxMicrosoftJul-05$20
42Pokemon EmeraldGBANintendo Apr-05$35
5**Fantastic 4PS2ActivisionJun-05$50
612Destroy All Humans!PS2THQJun-05$49
71Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasXboxRockstar GamesJun-05$48
86Lego Star WarsPS2Eidos InteractiveMar-05$39
9**Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionPSPRockstar GamesJun-05$49
10**Star Wars: BattlefrontPS2LucasArtsSep-04$21
11**Coded ArmsPSPKonami Jul-05$40
125Conker: Live And ReloadedXboxMicrosoftJun-05$49
1315MVP Baseball 2005PS2Electronic ArtsFeb-05$30
1412Destroy All Humans!XboxTHQ (Corp)Jun-05$49
154Medal of Honor: European AssaultPS2Electronic ArtsJun-05$39
16**Fantastic 4GBAActivisionJun-05$30
17**Delta Force: Black Hawk DownXboxNovaLogicJul-05$50
189Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionPS2Rockstar GamesApr-05$49
193Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The SithPS2LucasArtsMay-05$47
20**Burnout 3: TakedownPS2Electronic ArtsSep-04$20

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherAverage Price
11Battlefield 2Electronic Arts$48
23World of WarcraftVU Games$49
32Guild WarsNCsoft$49
45The Sims 2 University Electronic Arts$33
57The Sims 2Electronic Arts$47
68The Sims DeluxeElectronic Arts$20
79Half-Life 2VU Games$42
811Roller Coaster Tycoon 3Atari$39
918The Sims: Unleashed Electronic Arts$10
10**Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked! Atari$29
116Star Wars Galaxies: The Total ExperienceLucasArts$30
1212Zoo Tycoon 2Microsoft$31
13 The Sims: Superstar Electronic Arts$10
14 Star Wars: BattlefrontLucasArts$26
1510Lego Star WarsEidos$30
16**Warcraft III Battle ChestVU Games$39
17**The Sims: Makin' Magic Electronic Arts$10
1817Halo: Combat EvolvedMicrosoft$20
1920Sim City 4 DeluxeElectronic Arts$32
204Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasRockstar Games$47

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**NCAA Football 06Electronic ArtsJul-05$49
2**Fantastic 4ActivisionJun-05$50
36Destroy All Humans!THQJun-05$49
43Lego Star WarsEidos InteractiveMar-05$39
5**Star Wars: BattlefrontLucasArtsSep-04$21
67MVP Baseball 2005Electronic ArtsFeb-05$30
72Medal of Honor: European AssaultElectronic ArtsJun-05$39
85Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionRockstar GamesApr-05$49
91Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The SithLucasArtsMay-05$47
10**Burnout 3: TakedownElectronic ArtsSep-04$20

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**NCAA Football 06Electronic ArtsJul-05$50
2**Halo 2 Multiplayer Map PackMicrosoftJul-05$20
31Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasRockstar GamesJun-05$48
42Conker: Live And ReloadedMicrosoftJun-05$49
54Destroy All Humans!THQJun-05$49
6**Delta Force: Black Hawk DownNovaLogicJul-05$50
7**Fantastic 4ActivisionJun-05$50
86Lego Star WarsEidos InteractiveApr-05$38
9**Burnout 3: TakedownElectronic ArtsSep-04$20
10**Star Wars: BattlefrontLucasArtsSep-04$20

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
1**Fantastic 4ActivisionJun-05$50
23Super Smash Bros. MeleeNintendo Dec-01$30
34Pokemon ColosseumNintendo Mar-04$20
42Super Mario SunshineNintendo Aug-02$19
55Animal CrossingNintendo Sep-02$20
77Kirby Air RideNintendo Oct-03$20
88MVP Baseball 2005Electronic ArtsFeb-05$30
9**Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful LifeNatsumeJul-05$30
10**Charlie And The Chocolate FactoryTake-Two InteractiveJul-05$30

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
11Pokemon EmeraldNintendo Apr-05$35
2**Fantastic 4ActivisionJun-05$30
310Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of The ClonesTHQMay-02$15
55Lego Star WarsEidos InteractiveMar-05$30
63Fire Emblem: The Sacred StonesNintendo May-05$31
78Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtomanCapcom UsaJun-05$30
8**Disney PrincessTHQMar-03$15
94Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The SithUbisoftMay-05$30
10**Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ColonelCapcom UsaJun-05$30

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
11Kirby: Canvas CurseNintendo Jun-05$35
22Super Mario 64 DsNintendo Nov-04$28
39MeteosNintendo Jun-05$31
45Warioware: Touched!Nintendo Feb-05$35
54Goldeneye: Rogue AgentElectronic ArtsJun-05$30
63Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The SithUbisoftMay-05$38
77Yoshi Touch & GoNintendo Mar-05$31
9**Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryUbisoftJun-05$38

RankLast MonthTitlePublisherRelease DateAverage Price
13Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionRockstar GamesJun-05$49
2**Coded ArmsKonami Jul-05$40
32Untold Legends: Brotherhood of The BladeSony Online Ent.Mar-05$39
4**Dead To Rights: ReckoningNamcoJun-05$40
51Need For Speed: Underground RivalsElectronic ArtsMar-05$50
64Twisted Metal: Head OnSonyMar-05$40
75MVP BaseballElectronic ArtsMay-05$50
87Hot Shots Golf: Open TeeSonyMay-05$39
910ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' TrailsSonyApr-05$40
108Tony Hawk's Underground 2 RemixActivisionMar-05$48

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