NBA 2K14 penalizes you for swearing

2K Sports rep confirms you'll receive a technical foul for using profanity within earshot of the Kinect or PlayStation Camera.

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In a bid to create a "more civilized online environment," 2K Sports has announced that if the Kinect or PlayStation Camera catches you using profanity while playing NBA 2K14, you'll be given a technical foul.

A 2K Sports representative confirmed the news to Polygon, after YouTube user "randomfrankp" posted a video (featuring language that is probably NSFW) showing how his use of profanity was penalized with an in-game technical foul.

In real-world collegiate and professional basketball, referees can call a technical foul on a player, coach, or any other member of a team for unsportsmanlike conduct, including the use of profanity on the court. Accruing two technical fouls yields an ejection from a game.

NBA 2K13 played on the Xbox 360 with a Kinect unit attached also penalized players for using profanity. 2K Sports has now expanded this feature to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, so long as the Kinect and PlayStation Camera devices are switched on.

The 2K Sports representative did not provide a list of words that would lead to a technical foul, but said, "The obvious ones are there." The representative said this feature brings both realism to the game and a "more civilized environment for our players."

Players are, of course, free to disable NBA 2K14's voice controls in the game's options menu so that they can curse at will. For more on NBA 2K14, check out GameSpot's review.

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