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Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann Discusses "Really Ambitious" Next Game

"I've really surrendered to knowing it's going to be really hard."


Naughty Dog has at least two single-player games in the works right now following the cancellation of The Last of Us Online. These new games have not been announced, but Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann has now shed some high-level detail about what's coming.

Speaking to rapper Logic, Druckmann said the new game is "really ambitious" and that "parts of it are really hard." He made his comments after being asked what makes him happy these days.

"I've really surrendered to knowing it's going to be really hard. Knowing it's going to stress members of the team out. How do I make this a joyous experience for myself and everybody else on the team?" he said.

Naughty Dog said The Last of Us Online was the studio's most ambitious title ever prior to its cancellation.

Druckmann went on to say Naughty Dog's Kurt Margenau is working on the new Naughty Dog game, too, and he was impressed by something he pitched recently.

"He recently did something on this new game. Really stepped up and gave this impassioned pitch. And I was just so proud," Druckmann said. "Seeing other people rise to the occasion and surprising me in these really beautiful ways. These days I get a lot of joy out of that. And helping mentor people and seeing them express themselves through art."

Naughty Dog was recently in the news after Sony announced 900 layoffs at PlayStation worldwide, with the cuts impacting Naughty Dog and many other studios.

As for Druckmann, he's working on a new game at Naughty Dog and also recently admitted that he doesn't have many more big games left to make in his career. He said he's longing for a more "low-key" life in the future.

In terms of what Naughty Dog's next game could be, many expect it to be The Last of Us: Part III, and Druckmann himself recently alluded to this. The other could be a new IP.

Naughty Dog has said it is done with the Uncharted series, despite that franchise's massive commercial success. A different studio could come in to make Uncharted 5, though.

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