Nadal takes court on DS

Codemasters working on tennis game featuring world's number-two net pro; Rafa Nadal Tennis takes first swings in December.


Rafa Nadal Tennis

Purple is the new green.
Purple is the new green.

Rafael Nadal, currently the world's number-two-ranked tennis player, is often overshadowed by Roger Federer, the current number-one-ranked player and considered to be one of the best tennis players of all time. Soon, Nadal won't have any competition from Federer--at least on the Nintendo DS.

Codemasters today announced that it is releasing Rafa Nadal Tennis for Nintendo's handheld in December. The game is being developed by Madrid-based Virtual Toys. The tennis game's career mode will feature the titular Spaniard or a player's created character taking on others in 20 tournaments in 17 locations.

The game's multiplayer mode supports up to four players for a game of doubles, and supports the DS's game-sharing feature, meaning that only one player needs to have a copy of the game. If all players have a copy of the game, more elaborate multiplayer modes will be available.

Nadal has been featured in other tennis games and will be one of the pros featured in the upcoming Virtua Tennis 3.

Rafa Nadal Tennis has not yet been rated or priced.

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