Mythos Games reveals new project

The developer of X-COM and the recently cancelled Dreamland Chronicles has revealed its next project, a play-by-e-mail version of Laser Squad.


The cancellation of The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge a couple of weeks ago was unfortunate news for those who had been looking forward to a new turn-based strategy game from Mythos Games, the team behind the original X-COM: UFO Defense. Yet, today's forum post by the lead designer of Mythos Games revealed that at least part of the development team has been reformed into a new company, Co Do Games, and has decided on a new game project, Laser Squad Nemesis.

Laser Squad Nemesis is a play-by-e-mail multiplayer version of one of the predecessors of X-COM, the 1988 tactical squad game Laser Squad. The new game will be designed around a turn-based multiplayer system in which two players are able to issue orders simultaneously, and there will be a world league system for player matching and ranking. Laser Squad Nemesis will have three factions: space marines, droids, and aliens. There isn't much more information on the game this early in development, except that Co Do Games plans to charge only a small subscription fee for the game, which suggests that it will be published independently.

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