Mythic invites players to return to Camelot

Retired Dark Age of Camelot accounts reactivated for free trial period.


A day after indefinitely postponing its long-in-development massively multiplayer online role-playing game Imperator, Mythic Entertainment is turning its attention back to its original breadwinner, Dark Age of Camelot, with a promotion aimed at bringing former players back into the fold.

Now through July 24, Dark Age of Camelot players who retired their accounts can log back in for free and be given 10 days to check out the gameworld's new features with their old characters. In the last year, additions to the gameworld have included a new underworld of magical cities and catacombs, the ability for players to lay siege to enemy castles, and new high-resolution textures throughout the game.

Keeping interest in Dark Age of Camelot alive will likely be key to Mythic, considering that Imperator had been the company's big title for 2006 and its next MMORPG, based on the Warhammer license, isn't expected until 2007. The "Come Back to Camelot" campaign is available to players whose accounts were canceled in good standing prior to June 27, 2005. Eligible players must log back into their accounts from July 14-24 to be eligible for the 10 free days of Dark Age of Camelot.

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