Mythbusters Takes on Doom in Next Episode

Can you really carry that BFG?


Mythbusters, the Discovery TV show in which Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test the validity of a variety of myths, will take on the subject of first person shooters with the help of Doom developer id Software.

The special episode will feature id Software's Studio Director Tim Willits. "Is it really possible for someone to carry all those health packs, guns, and even a chainsaw?" Bethesda, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media which acquired id Software in 2009 asks. "Using the DOOM universe and DOOM 3 BFG Edition for reference, Tim helps the team recreate a DOOM level in real life."

It'll be interesting to see what other myths the show will try to validate or bust, but I'm assuming they won't try to open a portal on Mars that leads to hell.

You can watch a teaser for the episode in the video above, and catch the full episode on 9 p.m. Saturday, January 31, on the Discovery Channel.

If you're a Doom fan, or a first person shooter fan in general, you owe to yourself to to watch John Romero, one of the game's original designers, play through and talk about it in Double Fine's Devs Play show.

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