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Mysterious Crash Bandicoot Teaser Puzzles Have Been Sent Out

It's unclear what message Activision is sending with this Crash Bandicoot-themed puzzle.


Publisher Activision has, out of the blue, sent members of the press--including us here at GameSpot--a mysterious Crash Bandicoot-themed, 200-piece puzzle for reasons unknown. The message on the front of the bright orange box simply reads, "A little something to help you pass the time," signed by "Your Favorite Bandicoot."

The puzzle, which you can check out below, illustrates a very creepy-looking mask. Though possibly unfamiliar to some, it's the same mysterious mask that showed up in Sony's November 2019 "It's Time To Play" promotional video, which had a bunch of different PlayStation icons--from Crash himself to Kratos--just walking about the real world.

But what is it that you do, mysterious mask?
But what is it that you do, mysterious mask?

In the promotional video, the mask appears during a sequence in which Crash and other franchise familiars--including Doctor Neo Cortex and Coco Bandicoot--are racing through a packing facility. While Activision has not explicitly said anything, the puzzle, mask, and promotional video all could point toward another entry in the storied Crash series.

This isn't the first random gift Activision has sent to the press, either. Before announcing Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the publisher sent out a purple egg that came with a note. Something similar happened before the unveiling of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, with Activision mailing the press red dice that came with a message. If these two instances are anything to go by, we may see a Crash Bandicoot announcement very soon.

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