MoviePass Reportedly Charging Bank Accounts Despite Closing Shop

Double and triple check your bank statements.


After shutting down on September 14, the troubled movie subscription service MoviePass has allegedly risen from the grave to charge former subscribers unexpectedly.

The New York Post compiled various reports of users getting charged despite the MoviePass app canceling operation. A few users, subscribers up to the very day the service ended, reported charges from MoviePass on their cards. Some saw the $10 membership fee, while others experienced this plus additional charges.

CEO Mitch Lowe told the Post that reports of subscribers getting charged following Movie Pass's shuttering were false and misread. “One single subscriber, out of the many thousands of MoviePass subscribers, was charged $9.95 on September 15 and has been refunded that amount,” Lowe said. “We are aware that some of our subscribers have mistaken refunds appearing on their credit card statements for charges.”

Still, some users continue to report MoviePass charges appearing on their bank accounts. Many have taken to Twitter to voice frustration with an inoperable service that's still reportedly siphoning their money.

This all follows MoviePass's harrowing journey prior to closing up shop in September. A July 2018 report disclosed how the bosses changed the passwords of its heaviest users in order to alleviate company turmoil. The company also secretly signed some users back up for the service regardless of cancellation earlier this year.

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