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MotorStorm: Apocalypse Review Postponed

Release date of upcoming racer is uncertain after natural disaster in Japan.

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If you're one of GameSpot's many European readers, you might be wondering where our review of MotorStorm: Apocalypse is, given that there are already a number of reviews out there. Evolution Studios' latest racer isn't scheduled for release in North America until mid-April, but prior to recent events in Japan, the game was due to arrive on European shelves this Friday. Our review, written by GameSpot UK's Mark Walton, was ready for posting when those of us in the US arrived at work last Friday morning, but given that the game takes place during a massively destructive earthquake, we decided that in light of what had transpired in Japan only hours earlier it would be insensitive for us to post it. Subsequently, we learned that Sony has decided to delay the release of the game as well, and so while our original intention was to delay the review for one week, our current plan is to post it only when it becomes relevant. In other words, we'll aim to post our review shortly before whatever new release date Sony decides on for the game.

Thanks for understanding, and if you haven't already, please consider making a donation to Japan disaster relief using the button at the top of the site.

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