More TGS 2001 Spring partial game lineup

Idea Factory, Konami, and Koei reveal a list of games that they plan to show at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring.


GameSpot has received a list of games that will be shown by Idea Factory, Konami, and Koei at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring. Interestingly, Konami currently has the sequel to its flight simulation game Air Force Delta listed for the Microsoft Xbox. Muscle Ranking, one of Konami's PlayStation 2 games, has already spawned several sequels on the PS and GBC and is an action-sports title based on the popular Japanese TV series of the same name (it is similar to the US show American Gladiators). Maestromusic Millennium will be the first PS2 version of the series, which was previously exclusive to the PlayStation. In the game, the player takes on the role of a music conductor and swings a conductor's stick to play along with the in-game music. The entire list of games from Konami, Idea Factor, and Koei is as follows:

Idea Factory

Generation of Chaos (PS2)
Global Folktale (PS2)
Gun Hearts (Hidden Invasion in North America and Europe) (PS2)
Kingdom of Chaos (PC)


Air Force Delta 2 (working title) (Xbox)
Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix (PS)
Konchu Hakase (English translation: Insect Doctor)(working title) (GBA)
Maestromusic Millenium (PS2)
Muscle Ranking (PS2)
Muscle Ranking AGB (working title) (GBA)
Super Girls! Shuran (working title) (GBC)


G.I. Jockey 2 2001 (PS2) Guitarman (PS2)
Kessen II (PS2)
Koutetsu No Houkou (English translation: The Growl of Steel) (PS2)
Winning Post for Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Winning Post 4 Maximum 2001 (PS2)

Expect more titles to be on display at the show floor. The Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring will be held at Makuhari Messe, Japan, from March 30 to April 2.

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