More Powerful PS4 Neo and Slim Model Are Coming Sooner Than You Think, Analyst Says

Sony declined to comment.


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According to a noted analyst, Sony could launch its more powerful PlayStation 4, Neo, along with a slimmed-down PS4 before or during the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong shared that information with The Wall Street Journal and writer Takashi Mochizuki today. Sony declined to comment to WSJ on the new systems and when they might launch.

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This comes not long after another report claimed Sony would release Neo before the end of the year. Sony has already confirmed the existence of Neo, which is only a codename, but this is the fist time we're hearing about a revision for the existing PS4.

If history is any indication, Sony will launch a smaller PS4 eventually. The first slimmed-down PlayStation 3 model launched in September 2009, almost three years after the original version came out in November 2006.

For its part, Microsoft will release the first Xbox One revision, the 40-percent smaller Xbox One S, starting in August this year. Microsoft's Project Scorpio, which it calls the "most powerful console ever made," is scheduled to arrive in holiday 2017.

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According to a noted analyst xbox 360 and ps3 are gonna be the last consoles.

According to a noted analyst ps4 and xboxone will not only play digital games.

Are these the same analysts? Everytime i see an article where "A noted analyst" says anything its always crap

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I think Sony has converted the NEO into the newly announced slim model. This allows them to upgrade the specs on Neo to match Scorpio without looking like they got caught with their pants down .

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Hmm. . . I wonder if Sony releasing two consoles at once will prompt a horde of articles and comments stating that Sony is "sending mixed messages" and it is "very confusing". Probably not. My theory is that if Microsoft does it, it's regarded by the media and internet representation as a horrible mistake, but if Sony does it, it's perfectly sensible.

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Im sure both systems will be great, Sony just needs to fix the biggest problem with the PS4. That terrible terrible battery life on the controller!

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I think Neo will fail because UHD TV's are expensive and games will be released on both PS4 and Neo, I don't see why do I have to buy a new TV and console to play a games that is playable on my current TV and console

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@Abdulrahman1981Explain the part about having to buy a UHD TV to play Neo. What is this strange rationale? If you're looking at a 4KTV, it's probably to run UHD media and UHD Blu-rays, plus streaming 4K.

Yes, a Neo will let you do those things.

But if you're a gamer, you can safely remove the "must own a 4KTV for Neo" angle and replace it with "now I'll play games in far superior image quality and frame rates at 1080p":

But yes, you're right: You don't need to buy a Neo, you don't need to buy a 4KTV, you don't need to do any of those things if you want to continue to play every available PS4 release on your current TV going forward. Nobody is depriving you of any games whatsoever.

It's just a decision to make, whether you feel you'd like to play PS4 games buffed up through enhanced hardware capabilities or not, and whether you plan to become a 4K media adopter and UHD TV owner.

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Still confusion out there. Remember:

1. PSVR games are hard, hard certified to 1080p and 60fps. There's no wiggle room, there's no "oops we just missed it" - you DO NOT pass through certification if your PSVR title isn't 60fps. That's on a vanilla PS4. You absolutely must be 60fps for the reprojection technology to deliver its 120Hz standard to the display.

This is critically important to mitigating motion/position/refresh-related sickness. There's no option to be short. You cannot flub your PSVR game on PS4 because you're also doing a version for Neo mode.

PSVR physically does not support higher than 1080p and 60fps/120Hz. Assistance from Neo cannot get you higher than those specs.

What Neo will (thankfully) provide to PSVR is a replacement of image quality, enhanced effects, textures, better LoDs, AA, that sort of thing. Not better performance. Side-by-side with a vanilla PS4 PSVR counterpart, the games will run at the exact same clip, but the Neo mode will look far superior.

2. Neo is not being released primarily as a crutch for PSVR. Take a step back and ask yourself how that would make any sense at the present time. When the Neo is announced they will have 40 million+ PS4 owners to sell a PSVR to, and they will have zero (yet) Neo owners to sell a PSVR to. Do the math on potential sales and why the device isn't meant to be a PSVR pre-requisite.

3. HDR is an end-to-end technology, so every step from media/game creation to distribution to the screen in your home needs to be HDR-compatible, which means that legacy TVs can't show it, and no 1080p displays exist with it, and you'll only be 100% certain if it's a UHD display certified 'Premium' by the UHD Alliance. So HDR is dependent on everything in the chain being mastered for HDR and supporting the correct HDR standard; it's not something that magically 'works with everything.'.:

4. The Neo specs do not equate to native 4K gaming, period. It will be a UHD media and UHD Blu-ray player, it will have a strong 4K upscale algorithm for games, but it is NOT going to produce native 4K games. However, with a mandated baseline of 1080p imposed by Sony in the developer docs, at least we know the 4K upscale will always address this nice round number - compared to the Xbox One Slim which has to deal with 4K upscale on Xbox One titles ranging from 720p to 900p to 1080p and everywhere in between. Neo titles will also have greatly improved image quality and anti-aliasing, helping them retain very good detail in the upscale to 4K.

5. There won't be any Neo exclusives. You won't find a game that only runs on Neo. Games won't be sold as "PS4K games". You'll find branding on packaging and storefronts to indicate PS4K support, along with "May require additional content/download." Sony is not phasing out the original PS4 any time soon. Sony and its developers make money on software, not hardware. When the Neo is announced they will have 40 million+ PS4 owners to sell games to, and zero (yet) Neo owners. Do the math on potential software sales and why the two devices will exist side by side.

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His basis for assuming a slim ps4 is only based on history? The ps3 was fat and needed a slim... so did xbox one. The ps4 is basically already a slim at launch. I'm going back to my original theory that it'll be neo this year, and ps5 in 2018 or 2019. It would make no sense to release both this year. And unless they redo the neo specs, which it sounds like it already made, it'd be stupid to release next to nx and scorpio.

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@joshrmeyer: I will also be surprised if they make the PS4 smaller. The only motivation would be to change the design to make it cheaper, but it is difficult to see how it can be much smaller.

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@joshrmeyer: Yes someone is on somewhat of the same understanding as me.

SO AGAIN. MY 2 CENTS. Sony will have the NEO or replacement out this year November. Reasons.

1. PS4 Neo will be a Visual upgrade for PSVR which may be needed for some people who are sensitive and may not do . . . . . . well with the PS4 visuals as is.

. . . .2. Since the upgrade will be easy and add only to visuals all games would be able to be upgraded and help those people . . . . . who care about graphics pick up a PS4 Neo

HOW this will happen. SIMPLE the revision like XBOX S. is able because of shrinkage of the parts and less heat generated. Instead of shrinking as the PS4 is slim already, the smaller componets can get higher clock speed. For little money say $50 - $100.00 a big leap in power could be made. The decrease in price that would have taken place would now go to the upgrade.

So PS4 Neo would just replace the PS4 for the same price $350.00 but run all games (if developer adds the ability) 1080P with HDR, Higher fidelity, and introduce Dynamic Scaling so future games can easily go between the specs of the PS4 Neo and PS4.

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@joshrmeyer: quote "It would make no sense to release both this year."

And what makes you think everything HAS to make sense? Did it make sense at all to reveal and release Scorpio and Neo within the kind of time frame they're coming? Not the slightest.

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Meh. I'm happy with my current ps4. This upgrade nonsense isn't my bag. Thanks anyway Sony

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Looks like I'm watching the Tokyo Game Show this year.

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I hope it comes out in time for FFXV...

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Sony could really mess up the console industry. They claim the NEO is still a PS4 but more powerful and NOT a next gen console upgrade. So who's to say they won't launch the true PS5 next gen console upgrade a year after Scorpio comes out. There could be a generational leap-frog effect between Sony and Microsoft till they max out.

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@bobafetthatesu: Why do they have to launch a PS5 at all, EVER? When you launch consoles every 5-7 years you are basically saying "we'd like to stagnate the industry for 5-7 years"... This used to be fine, but in an era where a new smartphone will begin to rival your "only a few years old" console, 5-7 years is no longer viable.

If Sony and MS do incremental updates every 2 years or so instead, there will never be a big enough gap from one device to another to qualify as being next gen in any meaningful or revolutionary sense of the term. That's actually a good thing. Have some sort of deal with the devs that consoles games will support lets say the 2 or 3 most recent generations of some given console, basically much like how phones already work and nobody has a problem with that...

If you want to stay on the "cutting edge" of console technology you could just buy the next iteration every 2 years or so. If you weren't a graphics whore or whatever, you could simply updated every 4-6 years...

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@bobafetthatesu: I don't think so, Newer chips from AMD look good but not a great change. BY 2019 or 2020 AMD Road map looks a lot better HMB3, APU and GNC will be more mature also 10 NM will be more mauter and cheaper by then. VR will be better and need time to mature also.

I see if Sony's base is above 100 Million by then they may launch a more expensive PS5 that is backward compatible for say $600.00 and wait as a slow switch to PS5 goes. If the base is still lower than 100 million then they may launch earlier with a less expensive console.

There is still a huge number of people who still play last gen consoles, the reason is that there is not much difference in games. Yes the new coat of paint makes them look better but not by leaps and bounds. VR may change that but by how much? If Neo enables games to run at 1080P 60fps then it will last a while. The hardcore gamer who wants a Nvidia 1080 because they want the best graphics are few, and do not effect the game industry much, though they complain a lot.

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@Ravenlore_basic: Pretty accurate except that everyone wants 4k, hell even 8k. Most won't be willing to pay over 500 though, especially not every two years. You don't even have to upgrade gpus every two years in pc unless you cannot accept anything under maximum.

Even if upgrading every two years was affordable like 400 bucks. That would be a moving goalpost for developers to meet. When we already see multiple post about laying off employees by the hundreds. I can't even see most developers taking advantage of it. Except triple A games whose budget is already higher than any movie ever made.

And incremental updates is not 1080P 30FPS to 4k 30FPS to 8K FPS. That would be double the power or a traditional console cycle where everything doubles in power. An incremental would be 2k 60FPS and trying to keep prices down.

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@Ravenlore_basic: You know they arent exactly going to continually sell consoles at the rate they had originally sold them to get them to where they are right now, right? The people who wanted PS4's the most, mostly got them by now. Seeing as how they are at 40M units right now, 100M by 2020 seems like a hell of a stretch. If you bundle Neo sales with PS4 sales, you might get closer, depending on how many existing PS4 die hard owners buy a Neo, which is effectively buying a second system and padding the numbers.

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@Ravenlore_basic: if all xbox's in future are windows 10 compatable and all their consoles moving forward are backwards compatable, it would be in Sony's best interest to make all their console backwards compatable too. It seems to be a sore spot these days for consumers.

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@Zzshock: Oh if Microsoft stays to the true fairness of it, then Sony would be forced to change their strategy. I see Microsoft at some point changing the way they make money off BC eventually. They were the first to charge for online services and Sony didn't have any choice after that. They probably would have charged for online anyway.

Corporations are not satisfied with ok. They must devour to appease investors and bosses

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@bobafetthatesu: That's probably exactly what will happen. I have no problem with it. The neo isn't forced and the ps5 will have exclusives (most likely). As long as they keep the price in the $400 range, I'm ok with that.

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I was really hoping Sony was going to delay the launch of the NEO to upgrade it's spec's to compete with Scorpio. Looks like they are sticking with the weaker upgrade. I will most likely buy the scorpio as well as the NEO.

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@ramtracker42: I was hoping this also but at the same time am desperate for either of these consoles to get any sort of upgrade immediately. Even though the PS4 is clearly superior to the Xbox One when viewed on larger 1080p displays it still needs a few more horsepower. I'm definitely looking forward to Project Scorpio if indeed it isn't another one of Microsoft's con games.

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@bobafetthatesu: had dinner with 2 people in Seattle who yes are working on it friends of my nephew and millionaire's at 30 ??I was invited into his gaming design work space and he already had graphics cards that were just released now projected on 100 in + wall!! So um possibly maybe his wife and him do work @ MS Xlive was running on the toppest line pc rig I have ever seen ☺☺

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Hopefully they put a better wifi card in these new ps4s.

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@lunchbox2042: worst ever slower than the Xone cheap decision it affects Dl speeds and mp issues ??

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I have an Acer XR341CK monitor right now. Will the PS4 Neo support all resolutions between 1080 and 4K? (my monitor is 3440 x 1440)

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@uncagedpaul_86: Don't count on it. Both consoles may render is random resolutions but will internally scale for a standard NTSC output that all displays will read, ie, 1080p or 2160p. Unless it's a display standard found on all TV's the console will not output that. Your monitor will likely get a 1080p video feed because the next industry standard display resolution up from that is 2160p and your monitor will not recognize it. being that it's ultra-wide it will likely have bars on the sides.

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The PS4 doesn't need a slim it's already well designed. How can that thing get any smaller?

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@Bread_or_Decide: The slim consoles are made because they are cheaper to manufacture and therefor allow either increased sales margins, or decreased sale price for unchanged sales margins, etc. It has basically nothing to do with actually slimming down a device...

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@Bread_or_Decide: x86 parts shrink every year. They could easily shrink and fit the PS4's chipset in a Wii-shaped case now.

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Honestly buying those new consoles now is a no brainier. especially after AMD x480 release . but meh people will buy whatever Sony and Microsoft shove down their throats then complain about how greedy those companies are and it's not fair to pay to play online bla bla bla ....

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Hmm...When Sony does it, its cool? lol

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Good Call .. Get people before the Holidays .. and those people that can't wait for anything (Like me) .. I will pick up a Neo as soon as it is released !!

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I was half expecting to see Pachter's name. Whatever happened to that penis of a man?

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It would be really weird if they release both a slimmer PS4 and a Neo at the same time. It would let a lot of people scratching their heads.

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you see i really do like the 4k aspect of consoles BUT and thats a big BUTT id struggle to even get the money for the consoles let alone setting aside money for a 4k tv as well. even if things get cheaper its not worth getting the scorpio anyway, i have a gaming pc for all the MS games. simply upgrading that would be cheaper. really the best combo will probably be a neo, gaming pc and an NX (if the NX is worth it)

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@neowarrior793: I hear that. For me to replace my current tv with the same size set that supports 4k would cost a small fortune, I'm certainly interested in 4k and VR but it's way to earmy on for me to accept such an expensive upgrade for a console, as you said, this may be the window for me to head back towards pc gaming.

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Damian Thong - soooo did not get bullied in their childhood.

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Good news. Can't wait to upgrade. Only my day 1 PS4 and my PC are hooked up to my 65 inch LG UF 9500 4K OLED tv. I Would like to see how gaming in 4K on a console. Next year I will give MS another go and purchase their Scorpio. Good times ahead for true gaming hobbyst.

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@hardeddie: Can I please have some money?

Avatar image for scooby_dooo

@hardeddie: My PS4 and my PC are hooked up to my 365 inch 8K Imax Private Home Theatre screen. That OLED you have sounds pretty sweet though.

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While I want to get this, Sony can you give up the goods, so we can put down our dolla, dolla bills? If no games are gonna use it, I'll wait until 2017. Or just get the X1 Slim.

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Less than three months? People who just bought their PS4s are gonna be pissed.

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@Cikatriz_ESP: Its not like they have only just announced the Neo .. been a rumour and all but confirmed for quite some time now !! I've had my PS4 from Day one and already got a couple of 4K's .. Can't wait !!

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1st: I think it's best for a company not to give information too much in advance before releasing an updated console. If I were in the market for an XB1, I'd sure wait until the XB1 S is out.

2nd: As a consumer, I think you can only keep a healthy mind if you really agree on what you are buying, when you are buying it, and how much it's worth to you. If you accomplish this, and the product goes on sale the day after, you should've no regrets and continue enjoying the product.

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@Cikatriz_ESP: I've had my PS4 since day 1 and love it, but an upgrade after 3 years sounds good to me. 55 inch 4K HDR TV and New Powerful PlayStation I can't wait.

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All in response to the NX. Mighty N has them shaking in their boots.

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@Redsyrup: Could be the case... but I doubt it.