More Age of Sail II screens

TalonSoft sends us more screenshots from its recently completed naval combat game.


Age of Sail II

TalonSoft sent us a new group of screenshots from Age of Sail II, its historical naval combat game. The company recently announced that the game has gone gold and will ship to stores before the end of the month. The game was developed by Akella, the Russian game studio responsible for TalonSoft's original Age of Sail, which was released in 1996, as well as Bethesda's Sea Dogs, a role-playing pirate game that was released last November.

Age of Sail II is a real-time 3D naval combat game that takes place between 1775 and 1820. Players can choose from more than 1,200 historical warships from 11 different nations. The game features a multiplayer mode that supports up to 16 players over the Internet or a LAN connection.

For more information about Age of Sail II, take a look at our collection of screenshots, movies, and previews of the game.

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